Aluminium profile enclosures

Buchen, 29.04.2019 (PresseBox) - In addition to its wide range of plastic enclosures, OKW Gehäusesysteme also offers elegant aluminium enclosures. The two product groups SYNERGY and SMART-TERMINAL feature good stability, heat dissipation and a high-quality appearance thanks to the combination of anodised aluminium profiles and attractive plastic parts. A great advantage is the flexibility of the aluminium profiles – these can be manufactured individually in length according to customer requirements.

The SMART-TERMINAL housing series consists of 2 profiles (C-base profile and bottom profile) made of glass bead-blasted and anodised aluminium. The two open sides can be closed with design seals in green or grey as well as with covers made of high-quality ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0). Alternatively, matching end plates made of aluminium are also available, e.g. for use in embedded systems. In addition to individual length dimensioning, it is also possible to produce the design seals and covers in other colours as creative visual features, minimum order quantity 200 pcs. The aluminium profiles have horizontal guides and screw channels for mounting PCBs in the interior. The flat surfaces simplify the subsequent machining and installation of interfaces, display/touch solutions (matching diagonals of 4.3"-8") etc. The covers offer a recessed area to protect the cables and plugs. For ergonomic operation and a favourable reading angle of 12°, the accessory range includes an case canting kit. With the help of a wall suspension element (accessory), the SMART-TERMINAL can also be used as a wall-mounted enclosure. The enclosures are supplied with round cord seals and sealing rings to achieve IP54 protection.

The special feature of the SYNERGY enclosure series is its high-quality appearance in the timeless basic shapes of "square, rectangular, circular and oval"; this also won an iF design award. The construction consists of an aluminium profile (glass bead-blasted and anodised) as well as a top and bottom part in black made of ASA+PC-FR with good UV resistance and high flame resistance. The bottom part has an opening with a screw-down cover – practical for installing a battery compartment (4x AA/accessories) or for access to the interior, e.g. for memory cards or batteries which are mounted directly on the PCB. The recessed surface in the top part is ideal for décor foils or membrane keyboards. The SYNERGY offers plenty of space for the electronics, has no inclined surfaces (advantageous for subsequent machining) and is easy to assemble.

Both aluminium profile enclosures can be further modified by OKW according to customer requirements. The options include mechanical processing (milling, thread tapping, engraving, drilling, countersinking and punching), a customer-specific profile length, lettering/printing, painting, assembly processes or, as mentioned above, the production of plastic parts in special colours.

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