CODE_n Conference: Finalists Smart Processes – Cubilog | iTiZZiMO | VAYU Sense

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Fireside Chat CODE_n15 Finalists: Industry 4.0 | Smart Processes – Cubilog | iTiZZiMO | VAYU Sense

In our series of fireside chats, you can learn from digital forerunners as the top 50 CODE_n startups present their many promising IoT business models. Grouped by topic, the entrepreneurs will discuss the myriad opportunities and challenges offered by the IoT in a variety of industries. Each fireside chat is rounded off by a panel hosted by a specialist.

Cubilog developed an ultra-modular data acquisition and control hardware with an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based data processing and control software. It is used construct and maintain complex data collection, data processing and control systems without any system integration or hardware skills required.

iTiZZiMO simplifier is a platform to standardize the development of business processes and connect backend systems with mobile/wearable devices using context-aware technologies.

VAYU Sense
VAYU sense developed a device that optimizes pharmaceutical production processes and blood storage by giving the operator “eyes in the process”; real-time; non-invasively; continuously. It enables the measurement of concentrations of metabolic gas in unprecedented bandwidth using a laser.

The CODE_n initiative offers an ecosystem designed to network digital pioneers and support the development of new, digital business models. More on

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