ECO13 London: Michael Wilshire Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Michael Wilshire, Director of Analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), talks about clean energy investment activity and trends at ECO13 London. BNEF provides independent market intelligence to investors and researches into the massive clean energy industry with a focus on policy, technology, economics, finance and supply chains. Clean energy attracted $281B of new investments in 2012 of which a small but important portion is VC and PE driving innovation. The growth of solar remains strong attracting 60% of global investments as a result of increased cost competitiveness and the learning curve effect. Looking at electric mobility and the role of batteries, the learning curve effect will reduce battery costs by a factor of 5 until 2030. As for startups, innovators in solar and smart energy are most popular among VCs. Michael's fantastic lecture is a good proof for market intelligence being the foundation for smart investment decisions. Read more:

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