NEETS: Blockchain Technology in Energy

Blockchain is a distributed, digital transaction technology that allows for securely storing data and executing smart contracts in peer-to-peer networks. Blockchain has gained increasing attention outside the financial sector and several projects have been launched within the energy sector to help improve the distribution of data and information. As consumers of energy become prosumers actively involved in the production, distribution and consumption of energy. Research and innovation

This webinar will pull together great insight on research and innovation on blockchain technology for the energy sector. Can Blockchain be an ingredient for the next phase? This study sheds light on current business models and potential future use cases, applications for energy markets, and regulatory issues. Most importantly, it complements existing studies.


Scott Kessler – Director of Business Development – LO3 Energy

Michael Merz – Managin Director – Ponton (Enerchain)

Omar Rahim – Chief Executive officer – Energimine

Asger Trier Bing – Cheif Executive Officer – M-PAYG

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