Project Update: WePower (WPR) the blockchain-based green energy trading platform

Project Update: WePower (WPR) the blockchain-based green energy trading platform

WePower ICO review:

WePower enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens which represent energy they commit to produce and deliver.

Each renewable energy plant connected to the WePower platform will organize an auction for the sale of tokenized energy.

As a result energy producers can trade directly with the green energy buyers (consumers and investors) and raise capital by selling energy upfront, at below market rates.

WePower will be providing a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. On this platform companies to raise capital for renewable energy projects.

The WPR token acts as a priority access token for the auction to buy tokenized energy.

Each renewable energy producer will be required to donate 0.9% of all tokenized energy (tokens) to the WPR token holders.

The user can choose what to do with the tokenised energy: use, sell tokens before energy production or sell the energy on the market.


The current return from the ICO is around x2 the ICO price which is a bit dissapointing considering how good WPR is as a project.

There appears to be plenty of activity surrounding the project and considering the upcoming developments there seems to be a lot of potential for price movements.

The Power Ledger has almost x4 mcap of the WePower and I think both projects are at similar stage of development and potential. The potential Binance listing could increase the interest in the project to kickstart pump.

Because of that I would say WPR appears to be very tasty investment for the upcoming months.

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