The smallest electronically commutated AC fan sets new standards

Eschbach, 15.04.2019 (PresseBox) - With the ball bearing mounted EC fan UFT60BBP and a dimension of merely 60x60x25mm SEPA EUROPE closes a gap in the AC range of fans. It replaces the old AC fan with its high power consumption and has many advantages compared to the old design.

The new EC fan surpasses its predecessors by far. With an edge length of only 60 mm it generates virtually double the airflow whilst simultaneously only consuming half as much power. Despite the mounting depth that has been reduced by 5 mm, the new EC fan provides three times as much pressure in the operating area compared to the standard AC model. This is made possible by a modern motor concept and redesigned rotor blades: A highly effi-cient, electronically commutated DC motor replaces the squirrel cage rotors that have been used so far. The motor is operated with DC voltage that is provided by an integrated AC/DC converter.

The life expectancy (L10) is a major issue and is approx. 50.000 hours at 40°C. The operating temperature is in the wide range from -20 to 70°C.
The EC fan UFT60BBP is suitable for all power supplies worldwide. Its speed therefore does not depend on the supply voltage and frequency.
SEPA EUROPE offers EC fans with up to 75% reduced power consumption in the dimen-sions 60x60 mm up to 280 mm and thus enables the user to fulfil the directives of the Euro-pean Parliament with a simple and affordable product. An additional advantage of this fan is its
contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

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