Why did we choose the Stellar blockchain?

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Founder Guillaume Marchand and Commercial Lead Louis Brun explain why Irene Energy chose the Stellar blockchain for micro-payments.

So why did we choose the Stellar blockchain?

There are 6 reasons.

First, the Stellar blockchain was designed to do micro payments in a fast, transparent and way. And that’s precisely what we, at Irene Energy, are using the blockchain for.

2. Second, the Stellar network is notoriously energy-efficient
Unlike other blockchains, the stellar doesn’t require mining. It doesnt use proof of work or proof of stake but something called Federated Byzantine consensus and is, so far, the most energy efficient blockchain available.

3. Other factors that mattered to us were cost and speed : transactions on Stellar take seconda and cost a fraction of a penny.

4. Compliance with existing financial regulations
With Stellar, Irene Energy is able to create a vetted community of kyc/aml approved people. That means that within this community, people can be active in the crypto world without having to worry about who is on the other end of their transactions.
That’s possible on Stellar – and nowhere else. Because thanks to Stellar, kyc/aml vetting happen not only people on the primary but also secondary market.

5. Stellar has a built-in distributed exchange.
Which means that from day 1, our token will be tradeable.

6. Stellar is an open source, socially responsible platform.

All these reasons made the Stellar blockchain the best blockchain for Irene Energy.

Irene Energy is a renewable electricity supplier with global ambitions powered by the Stellar blockchain.

Irene Energy pioneers radical transparency in the electricity supply chain to hand back to consumers absolute control over what happens with their electricity spending.

Its token (#Tellus) is the first clean and green cryptocurrency.

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