World Energy Congress | Innovative Business Models: The New Frontier

The rise of new technologies in smart energy and the impact of customer behavioural changes are transforming the power sector, challenging conventional centralised thinking and business models. It heralds a new world of energy management, looking at how decentralised energy systems can accommodate multiple sources closer to the consumer, foster the optimal use of renewables, integrate storage and incentivise demand to follow supply, and increase energy efficiency. The prospect of a more distributed utilities network offers promise on many levels, but it is likely that we are only seeing the beginnings of these changes.


What are examples of the new models shaping this electricity revolution?
What are key barriers and enabling conditions for such examples to scale up?
Can old and new electricity models co-exist and if so, what will be the role of established utilities in a utilities 2.0 world?
What will be challenges and solutions to maintain critical back-bone infrastructure such as Transmission and Distribution?

Background Reading

World Energy Issues Monitor 2016

Discussion Leader(s): Michael Bell, President, CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, Silver Spring Network, USA ; Richard Lancaster, Chief Executive Officer, CLP Holdings Limited, Hong Kong ; Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and CEO, Electricité de France (EDF), France ; Johannes Teyssen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, E.ON, Germany
Topic: Business Models frontiers

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