WePower Pre-ICO Sept 22 – Oct 22 Blockchain Based Green Energy Trading Platform

In FinTech news this week WePower Blockchain Based Green Energy Trading Platform is currently having a Token Sale. WePower Tokens are available directly through TokenLot.com the ICO superstore, KR Token and Bitcoin Suisse.

WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform that is about to disrupt the energy trading sector. The WePower platform deploys smart contracts and enables its participants to invest and finance green energy projects as well as acquire green energy in an efficient, secure and transparent way. Moreover, it provides the first access to live trading in renewable energy globally for everyone.

Right now reneweable energy is less than a quarter of the energy consumed on earth today. Without more investment into renewable energies, the fight against climate change will be an increasing challenge. Today it’s mainly big institutional investors that have access to energy investments. WePower wants to change that by allowing micro financing renewable energy investments for anyone through the Ethereum blockchain. 

WePowers mission is to accomplish 3 goals

Provide Global access to capital for green energy projects
Create more opportunities for Green energy investments
And increase Trading speed and transparency of energy trades.
On WePower’s platform, renewable energy developers can pre-sell renewable energy that will be produced in the future. The energy is tokenized into the wepower tokens and each power purchase agreement is a smart contract. For buyers, they can purchase future energy with a discount and reduce the cost of consumed energy. or profit from energy futures, reselling energy, closer to when it’s produced.
The Wepower alpha demo is already ready on their website , and the full application is set to launch within 9 months after the ICO., at that time they will locate the operations in Spain where they’ve already secured a green energy partnership.
The Team is led by energy expert Nick Martynuik and a dozen other experienced engineers, ex skype programmers and blockchain advisors. They’ve already received support from the ministry of energy in the republic of Lithuania, and are expanding partnerships throughout Europe rapidly.
WePower’s token model was clarified with the European regulators and is stuctured as a reward based crowdfunding project, where contributors can get free energy as a reward and they can either use it or sell it on the platform. All of the tokens are backed by real assets to ensure higher liquidity. 
The WePower Pre-ICO is live from September 22nd to October 22,  you buy Tokens directly from TokenLot.com the ICO Superstore, KR Token or Bitcoin Suisse.

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