SolarCoin, a blockchain digital asset to enable the energy transition

SolarCoin is an international and community-based initiative promoting the development of solar energy.

SolarCoin is like an airmile programme and any solar power producer can connect their solar panels to the SolarCoin network by registering their solar install to the SolarCoin website, receiving 1 SLR (ie SolarCoin, §) for each MWh of solar energy produced.

Blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies is a decentralised ledger which allows participants to communicate and validate data and monetary transactions on a same registry, available peer-to-peer to all participants in the network.

SolarCoin is already present in 41 countries and has been awarded to over 1,620,000 MWh of solar power production, using the SolarCoin API and SolarCoin Raspberry Pi3 scripts available to all monitoring platforms, EPCs, inverter and datalogger companies.

The aim of the SolarCoin project is to initiate the Energy Transition at a global scale. Join the SolarCoin network and trial our blockchain wallet application at

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