Unlocking Opportunities for Blockchain in the Energy Sector

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize everything that’s digital or automated in energy; covering machine learning to AI, smart contracts to demand response and so much more.

But if you, like most energy execs, are struggling to understand where to begin with blockchain then make sure you attend our free webinar today with the Energy Web Foundation.

Now they want to share their learnings with you!

We will be joined in this webinar by Amy Westervelt, Program Coordinator at EWF, as well as Doug Miller who is a key team member on the project.
They will help us all by providing clarity on the basics of blockchain and its potentially transformative effects on key customer-utility relationships, energy trading and potential applications for supply chain optimization

Don’t forget, you can send us your questions at any time if you need further help getting to grips with blockchain in energy. Just follow/DM us at @EnergyInf to get in touch on twitter!

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